LEMS portfolio

School portfolio

Commercial KaChing

KaChing Commercial

This commercial is a project for school. The assignment was to make a commercial for KaChing, a non-existing company that provides short-term loans.

Project WiFo

WiFo System

The WiFo system is a mobile system to order food. Also there is an option to create a menu and change it. The orders can be watched and declared served. I am responsible for the PHP and MySQL of the system.

Project Blog

Blog System

This blog system has been made by me and a fellow student. I am responsible for the PHP and MySQL of the system.

Project Website Filmfestival

Website filmfestival

For a project at school I designed a website for the Filmfestival Foreign Movies Groningen.

Project Home & More

Home & More

Home & More is a school project for which I designed a style for a Home fair.

Project Mijn Magazine

Mijn Magazine

Mijn Magazine is a magazine I made for school, this was the period where I learned how to work with the programs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

To be able to look at some of these files you need to have Adobe Reader. You don't have this? Then you are able to download it here.

René Lems | 11-01-2009
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